Island Savings and Vancity make 2014 Green 30 list
Ratio wrote this on May 15

Canada’s Green 30 list identifies companies that integrate sustainability programs into their workplace culture. This  collection of Canadian businesses whose employees, according to consulting firm Aon Hewitt, are most positive about their record of environmental stewardship.  More about the Green 30 can be found in Maclean’s.

This year’s list included Island Savings and Vancity.  We are proud to work with both organizations  and  help them carry their distinctly unique brand values through to their built environments. Congratulations to the staff and leadership at both Vancity and Island Savings!

The Green 30 list – the 4th annual edition – was developed by assessing employee perceptions of environmental and social responsibility in their workplaces.  Results drew on survey data submitted as part of Aon Hewitt’s Best Employers in Canada and Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada 2014 studies, in which almost 300 Canadian public- and private-sector organizations participated.

Island Savings and RATIO:

RATIO works with Island Savings to realize their vision for the branch of the future. Their redesigned branches utilize regional and sustainable materials and substantially reduce energy consumption.  As importantly, they are designed for clarity, transparency and serve as a catalyst for building healthy communities. Our work included defining a new operational model and a branch wide re-brand, using theoretical models to forecast requirements across a diverse set of communities, and developing a consistent design concept for all current and future locations.

See more about our work with Island Savings

Vancity and RATIO:

Our partner for over 50 years, we provide consulting and design services across all aspects of Vancity’s business. Vancity is Canada’s largest community credit union and a leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As a partner who shares the same values and vision, RATIO has been working with Vancity for over fifty years, providing integrated consulting across their business.

We are responsible for the planning and design of all new and renovated Vancity branches and offices, ensuring that every space respects its context and location while staying true to the credit union’s brand values. In addition, we consult on operational models, brand and identity integration, considerations around prospective markets, sustainability issues and accessibility initiatives.

See more about the Terminal Avenue Sky Garden atop the main Vancity branch

See more about the Vancity branch renovations including the flagship Burnaby branch with a living wall

VPL’s Inspiration Lab design being led by Ratio
Ratio wrote this on May 07

As part of the City of Vancouver’s Digital Strategy released last year, the Vancouver Public Library is re-imagining what a library ought to be in the connected world of today.  A priority is the development of a new space within its Downtown Central Branch with creative design coming from RATIO.  This space (approximately 6000 sf) will house a digital media workspace, dubbed the Inspiration Lab. The area is envisioned as a hub where people can create, learn, interact and collaborate through technological tools and resources. What makes this space different is the introduction of creative activities into a traditional library setting. Imagine a space with graphic, audio and multimedia  tools that encourage creativity.   Imagine a flexible and collaborative workspace as opposed to banks of library work desks and enclosed meeting spaces.  Imagine vibrant and dynamic space that can be used in a multitude of ways, for various events and circumstances.

Catherine Evans, former chair of the library’s board has said, “Our city is changing, technology is changing, and how people interact with information is changing. VPL is embracing these changes – we’re expanding our commitment to being an accessible public resource for all the city’s communities. We’re re-imagining the concept of the public library and how VPL contributes to Vancouver.”

RATIO is leading the creative design for this innovative  and exciting project. The VPL’s  Inspiration Lab concept has received client approval; design documentation is being completed, with fundraising for construction underway. RATIO, in consultation with Library staff, has helped to define and refine the new Inspiration Lab project while  maintaining a cohesive link to the existing  library architecture.

We’ll be updating the Inspiration Lab project progress here with images and news.

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